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Hi! I’m Laura; designer and maker of joyfully colourful wool felt creations.  

I’m also a Mama on a mission to find balance.  I have two boys, aged 5 & 3 who challenge me every day in all the ways.  Motherhood for me has been a journey of learning how to accept people (and myself) for everything that they are.  (It has also taught me how many hiding places my house has for the good snacks!)  My boys are hilarious old souls with the biggest hearts and most beautiful smiles. Also, very powerful lungs.

I’m a wife to the most wonderful man. (I know, it’s cheesy, I roll my eyes whenever I see comments like that too.  But seriously, he’s awesome!)  He is so supportive and generous and is legit the best father in the universe!  He shows up and he steps up, he does bath time and cuddles and never in his whole life will he notice the basket of laundry on the stairs that needs to go up. (Man eyes, it’s no joke.) We live by the ocean in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Yellow Birdhouse is my handmade business featuring items made with high quality wool-blend felt.  I mainly make floral and nautical inspired home decor and accessories for children, but I’ve made a number of unique custom requests as well!  If I’m not working with felt then I’m crafting up something else because I’m never without a project!
(For real, I just tried to DIY my own curl cream. If it’s on Pinterest I will try anything!)

The things that I love can not be contained in a single list.  But to sum up: earl grey tea, dark chocolate, salty sea air, big belly laughs, toddler tickle giggles, avoiding exercise, home goods stores and never ever giving up.  (Obviously my family should be on the list, but I figure that goes without saying. lol)

People often ask me where the name The Yellow Birdhouse comes from.  I’ve always been hesitant to share the story because it is so sweet for me.  But you’ve read this far and I’ll reward you with an “awww” moment.  When my mister and I had just started dating we saw a cartoon which read:

“You’re the yellow bird I’ve been waiting for”

and he used to tell me that in quiet stolen moments.  We had just bought our first house when I was trying to pick a business name and our last name is Nightingale.  So it all just fit.
The Yellow Birdhouse it was.