Edible 3 Ingredient Lemon Pie ‘Silly Putty’

Edible Lemon Pie Silly Putty

So it’s possible we’ve become a little obsessed with making cornstarch goop concoctions at my house. Just a little. We’ve tried a number of recipes and my 6yo is always game to get his hands messy! In the spirit of experimenting, we’ve discovered the most delicious edible silly putty you’ll ever try! It’s just 3 ingredients and contains NO borax or liquid starch.

Simple 3-ingredient lemon pie silly putty that is totally edible and smells delicious! Easy clean-up and perfect for little ones who like to get their hands messy!

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Please Note: While this recipe is totally edible, I don’t recommend eating lots of it. Always supervise kiddos while they play with it because I suspect you’d get a tummy ache from eating too much. But it sure smells heavenly!

So I’ve called this stuff ‘silly putty’ but it could be categorized as slime, goop, oobleck or just about any other name. The main thing is that it’s super fun to play with and it tastes like lemon pie.

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When Should You Hire a Pro for Your Home Reno Projects?

always check with a professional before starting any major construction

I love a good DIY home project. Well, actually, I don’t know if I love it but between my husband and I we are at least capable of accomplishing it! My mister worked in carpentry before going back to school so he’s got a decent amount of skills when it comes to home reno projects. And I’m not afraid to pick up a hammer. We’ve flipped one house already and are currently making improvements on this house. That being said, with all our home reno experience, we know what our limitations are and when it is necessary to hire a pro. Read on to learn from our mistakes!

 There are lots of things you can DIY in your home and lots of things you can't. Don't bite off more than you can chew and instead plan to hire a professional with these 4 big home reno projects.

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Legos and Trains are No Match for the Libman Dust Mop

Is the mess in your kiddo's room getting out of control? Is it impossible to clean the floors due to the massive quantities of blocks, legos, train tracks or tiny dolls? The incredible Libman dust mop will totally solve that problem for you!

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Lego. It has taken over my house in a big way in the last couple of months. Our general rule for containing the mess is that no lego or duplo or train tracks are allowed on the main floor, they must remain upstairs in the boys’ rooms. I opt not to stress out about the mess if it’s out of sight. Which is all well and good until it’s time to vacuum the bedrooms. Which is essentially impossible considering all the tiny pieces of lego. So it’s a good thing I discovered the Libman dust mop!

Is the mess in your kiddo's room getting out of control? Is it impossible to clean the floors due to the massive quantities of blocks, legos, train tracks or tiny dolls? The incredible Libman dust mop will totally solve that problem for you!

Trying to tidy up all the vehicles, blocks and building supplies before I can clean the floors would easily add an hour to the chore. I’m a very busy mama and I don’t have an extra hour to spare for cleaning. Not to mention the fact that every single lego construction is precious and must not be disturbed or altered in any way for fear of my children never speaking to me again. Ugh.

Vacuuming their rooms is nearly impossible since there are tiny little pieces of lego hidden in every corner and crevice and woe to me should I accidentally suck one up.

Sweeping is pretty much pointless since it just stirs up the dust and settles it elsewhere. Plus there’s not enough floor space to actually sweep up a pile and use a dust pan.

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How to Style Your Home with Consistency

Boho Decor Inspiration

A big goal for me this year is to create a cozy and comfy environment in our home. I want my family to have a safe and peaceful place to land at the end of a hard day. I think it’s a worthy goal. And while I can Pinterest with the best of them, sometimes I struggle to successfully implement the vision I have for my home.

It’s frustrating when your home is lacking ‘flow’ in terms of design and decor. And it’s not always obvious why you’re failing to achieve the consistency you’re looking for. But there’s no more need to struggle because I’ve found that there are some simple steps you can implement in order to learn how to style your home with consistency.

6 tips for how to style your home with consistency. Do you struggle to establish a consistent design for your home that truly reflects your style? Follow these 6 guidelines to help you learn how to style your home like a pro!

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My house is a semi-detached, basic design, cookie cutter type of home. It has no natural character of it’s own so I need to create it all from scratch.

(I’m not trying to put down my house, I’m just stating the facts. I’m incredibly grateful for the home we have the luxury of owning. It’s what we could afford and provides us with all the space we need! I believe firmly in not being house-poor, so I’m planning to bloom where I’m planted and make the very best of it!)

Up til now, all our furniture has been a mis-match of inexpensive college and kijiji finds. It’s stuff we’ve had for years since it’s all perfectly functional and there’s never been a need (or disposable income) to replace it.

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16 Kid-Friendly Last Minute Lunch Ideas

last minute lunch ideas for kids

Coming up with kid-friendly lunch ideas has got to be one of my most dreaded tasks. I tend to count on having leftovers, but sometimes the fridge is bare. And I worry that I’m giving my kids too much bread because that’s the go-to when we’re scrambling for ideas. But I’ve been testing out some new ideas and I’ve come across a few winners for last minute lunch ideas!

Do you often struggle coming up with lunch ideas that will suit your busy day and your child's tastes? Me too. Here is a list of kid-friendly lunch ideas that are healthful and quick to make. When lunch time hits we are often cranky and need some quick nutrition. These last minute lunch ideas will satisfy and fuel the rest of your day!

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I’ve found that what works great for my 3yo is to put a big selection of finger foods on a segmented plate and he picks away at it. Usually he eats it all. So I’ll give him a ‘main’ like a banana wrap or pizza wheel, then supplement with a handful of grape tomatoes or berries and a string cheese.

Segmented Elephant Plate perfect for kid's meals!


Plates like these are great because that way none of the foods touch each other. Toddler moms will understand. 😛

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