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Quilted Laptop Bag Tutorial

For my birthday this year, my Mister gifted me with a brand new laptop. It was an extravagant gift to say the least, but one of the most thoughtful he’s ever given me. My old computer was a dinosaur and took 20 minutes to load a website. It wasn’t the most efficient way to run an online business! Since the old laptop was such a beast I didn’t take much care when I was bringing it places, I’d just toss it in a bag and off I went. I wanted to make sure my shiny new laptop got proper treatment, so I made it a pretty quilted bag of it’s own! Here’s my laptop bag tutorial if you’re interested in making one for yourself!

Quilted laptop bag tutorial. This is a fun diy sewing project to keep your laptop safe and pretty when you're out and about! A free tutorial for a quilted laptop sleeve.

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I don’t have much experience making quilted items, as it’s a new skill I’ve been developing. It’s rather fun to learn new things! So I’m sure there are things I could have done differently during this project.

This is just my little disclaimer that I’m no quilting expert!

But I’m happy with the result and I use the bag often, it’s super practical. So I figured I’d share my laptop bag tutorial whether it’s perfect or not!

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51 Free Printables for Kids Rooms

Pretty graphic printables to decorate a nursery. Free decor for kid's rooms.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a whole series of posts rounding up the best in free nursery printables. But while writing those posts, I actually came across another 51 awesome free printables for kids rooms! And I knew I couldn’t leave them out. Now that it’s all said and done, I’ve found over 300 printables! Now that’s a lot to choose from!


51 free printables for kids rooms! Adorable nursery decor on a budget, a zero-dollar budget that is! These super cute free downloads are a quick and easy way to add some colorful & kid-appropriate decor to your home.

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There are so many talented designers out there and I’m amazed at all the incredible artwork they are willing to give away for free! Some of these you have to sign up to receive and others you just click to download. Either way they are all free! How nice to know that you’ll be able to decorate your nursery or kid’s room on a budget.

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Nursery Decor Series: Free Printable Alphabet Wall Art

Fun and free alphabet printables for your nursery! 19 Free ABC posters for you to print!

This is supposed to be the last instalment in the Nursery Decor Series, but I’ve found so many more amazing free printables that I’ll probably have to add an extra round-up post after this one! It’s a good problem to have. 🙂 Today I’ve got 19 free printable alphabet wall art pieces for you. Including one designed by yours truly. These super cute ABC posters are a great way to decorate a kid’s room and help them learn their letters at the same time! I love that many of these alphabets are boy appropriate too, so many of the other printables this week, like the monograms, have been more girly and flowery.

19 Super fun and totally free printable alphabet wall art. Free ABC posters for your kiddo's bedroom. Alphabet nursery prints are a fun and creative way to decorate a child's bedroom and help them with their ABC's at the same time! Win!

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I actually had a lot of fun designing this ABC poster for you! It forced me to stretch my creativity muscles, which was much needed. (Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time staring at a screen instead of creating something. I plan to rectify that over the summer months.)

Click here to download it.

And please share a picture in the comments if you do hang it in your little one’s room! It is sized as an 8″x10″.

Free Printable Alphabet Wall Art. Free ABC poster to print and hang in your kiddo's room! Rainbow colors with animals adorn this fun printable alphabet wall art. Free printable ABC nursery prints.


Free Printable Alphabet Wall Art

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Nursery Decor Series: 36 Free Printable Scripture Verses

Free nursery decor. Printable scripture quotes

While I was researching printable quote decor, I came across so many gorgeous free printable scripture verses that I decided that they deserved their own post. These printable bible quotes would be appropriate for a nursery or as decor in the rest of your home. These would be great to help with memorization too.

Part 4 in the Nursery Decor on a Budget series! 36 totally free printable scripture verses to hang in your little one's bedroom. Printable bible quote cards. Pretty scripture quotes to use as home decor. Gorgeous free printables for your nursery.

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I’ll be honest, I’m starting to run out of things to say in this nursery decor series! Lol. I think these beautiful free printable scripture verses can speak for themselves though.

One thing I noticed while doing my research is that not every image you click on will take you to a website. Sometimes the picture just opens up and it’s kinda yours for the taking. BUT I would warn against this. Those images have probably been stolen and they aren’t supposed to be free.

I made sure that every bible quote printable I found links back to a proper website where the owner has definitely offered the printable for free. I’m all for freebies, but I’m also all for supporting artists. 🙂


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Nursery Decor Series: 57 Free Printable Animal Wall Art Pieces

Free woodland printables. 57 Free animal art for kids.

In part 3 of the nursery decor series, I’ve rounded up as much free printable animal wall art as I could find! Adorable bunnies, whales, unicorns, ducks and cats make an appearance as well as loads of other totally cute critters. With these free printable sets you can create a beautiful themed gallery wall in no time!

Do you need some free printable animal wall art for your nursery or child's bedroom? Here is a roundup of 57 of the best and cutest animal nursery printables. Free woodland printables, ocean printables, safari printables and much more. Lots of these free wall art pieces come in a set of multiples too, so you can create a themed nursery very easily. Nursery decor on a budget. Free printables for the frugal mom.

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Free Printable Animal Wall Art

So I have 57 animals pictured here, but if you factor in that many of these critters come in a set of multiples, there are actually 122 free printables! Whoa!

Finding all these animals was quite challenging. There is so much cute artwork out there but it’s not free. And while I believe 100% in supporting artists and small businesses, I also understand the plight of the mom on a budget. Free nursery decor is sometimes the only way to go.

I feel pretty confident that you’ll find something you love in this roundup of free printable animal wall art. Enjoy!

Woodland Printables

There are loads of woodland printables out there to choose from. Trust me I clicked through them all and these 18 are the best of the bunch! Make sure you click through to check out the whole collection, most of these are part of a set. It was really hard to just pick one to show here.

Woodland Nursery Decor. Free printable woodland art for kids.

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