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Quilted Fabric Coffee Cozy Tutorial

DIY Quilted fabric coffee mug cozy. Easy and quick tutorial for a cute coffee sleeve.

I use a lot of pretty cotton fabrics in my felt flower hoop designs, but I end up with a lot of scrap pieces. The patterns are so lovely and I hate to throw out perfectly good fabric so I’m coming up with creative ways to use the scraps. One of the things I made recently was this quilted coffee cozy. It’s a great way to use up small pieces of fabric and it’s super cute! These make really sweet gifts too, for a coffee or tea drinker! So I thought I’d share this coffee cozy tutorial (including a pattern) with you so you can start working your way through your own fabric scrap pile!

DIY quilted fabric coffee cup cozy. This is a great project to sew up in a hour and give as a last minute gift! A cute coffee cozy tutorial using fabric scraps. Free pattern and instructions included for this easy DIY sewing project.

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I’m a serious tea drinker. We’re talking 3 cups a day minimum. And I will drink my tea all through every season, no matter the temperature. I think most people are as committed to their hot beverages as I am, making this coffee cozy a great year-round gift!

This particular design fits best on mugs that are either uniformly sized (like the one in the pics) or that are slightly narrower at the top.

This is a super quick DIY that should only take about an hour to make. That’s great news if you need a last minute gift!

Coffee Cozy Tutorial

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DIY Toothbrush Travel Wrap

Travel in style with a DIY toiletry wrap!

Inevitably, the night before a trip as I’m packing up our bags I realize that I have yet again forgotten to procure a better solution for transporting toothbrushes than the trusty ziploc bag. But not this time! In an effort to reduce waste and not have to put a damp toothbrush in a plastic bag (ick) I made a diy toothbrush travel wrap instead! (I didn’t know what else to call it, a toothbrush burrito maybe? lol)

A zero waste solution to traveling with toiletries. Wrap up your toothbrushes in a DIY toiletry holder so you don't have to use icky ziploc bags anymore! A simple sewing DIY project to make traveling easier. Washable toothbrush holder DIY.

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Since my usual crafting style is just to wing it and hope for the best, this isn’t a comprehensive DIY but more of an intuitive one. More art than science if you know what I mean. But with a little sewing knowledge you shouldn’t have any trouble following along.

Or you might be cursing me the whole time. Sorry.

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