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A Mermaid Birthday Party

Mermaid Birthday Party Teal Starfish Headband - Felt Mermaid Headband

A mermaid birthday party is a thing of my dreams! As a kid, all I wanted to be was a mermaid and suspect that’s true for many little (or big) girls now too. I live near the ocean and I love all things nautical, so dreaming up the perfect mermaid birthday party has been loads of fun for me! I rounded up a few of the essential items you’ll need to create a lovely mermaid-themed day for your special little girl.

Would you like to throw an amazing mermaid birthday party? Here's is a roundup of all the mermaid-themed party favors, decor and treats you will need to create an incredible mermaid party!

Why not start the bash off by giving all the girls mermaid names? You could go with the names of Ariel’s sisters in The Little Mermaid or let your imagination run wild. Collect up some fun costume pieces to dress the girls up and prepare a few ocean-themed games or activities. (Pin the leg on the octopus?)

You could plan some cupcake decorating with lots of glitter and sparkly sprinkles and pearls!

Get started by considering the items listed below. They’ve all been carefully curated from some amazing Etsy shops that I know you’ll love as much as me! (And yes, shameless plug, I listed my shop first. Haha)

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8 Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

Growing up, we were the family that never, EVER ripped the wrapping paper. We carefully peeled away the tape pieces and refolded the paper so it could be used again. I’m pretty sure I had the exact same piece of wrapping paper on my birthday presents for 18 years. My mom is the queen of eco-friendly gift wrap because it literally never got thrown out. But short of recycling the same paper for a couple of decades, here are some really fun diy eco friendly gift wrap ideas!

Are you looking for some beautiful gift wrap alternatives? Try one of these 8 DIY eco friendly gift wrap ideas for your next gift-giving occasion! Flex your creativity with some brown kraft paper eco gift wrap or recycle magazine pages into DIY gift bow toppers. 'Green' wrapping paper alternatives are a great way to create a zero-waste holiday!

Finding creative ways of wrapping presents can really be half the fun of gift-giving! Everyone will ohh and ahh over your efforts and you can save your slice of humble pie for another day. Nobody forgets an occasion where the wrappings were just as amazing as the gifts!

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11 Teacher Gift Ideas

11 Awesome Teacher Gift Ideas

I can’t remember if teacher gifts were a thing when I was a kid. I know the most they ever got from me was a flower picked from the garden and wrapped in wet paper towel. Haha! But I feel like it’s appropriate to give a small token of our appreciation to the teachers who work so hard helping our kids learn and grow.

I certainly don’t think it’s necessary and I have no doubt that some years I won’t have my act together, but it’s still a nice gesture. So in order to avoid scrambling at the last minute for an acceptable gift, I’ve compiled a list of 11 awesome teacher gift ideas to refer back to.

Are you looking for some great teacher gift ideas to show your appreciation? Here are 11 fantastic gifts to keep in mind at Christmas and End-of-Year!

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There’s a few criteria I like to follow when it comes to teacher gifts. First, unless you know the teacher and their tastes very well, steer clear of anything too specific. So no decor, books or jewellery.

Instead, try to stay in the theme of ‘consumables’, things that will get eaten or otherwise used up. That way, if they don’t find the item to their taste, they will still appreciate the sentiment and then they can re-gift it. It’s a win either way.

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18 Gift Ideas for New Moms

There’s nothing quite like the intense emotional roller-coaster of becoming a mom.  It’s a mess of hormones and overwhelm and feeling terrified and exhausted and being totally enamoured with your new baby.  It’s probably all of the best feelings and all of the worst feelings all wrapped into one.  If you have a dear friend or family member who has just welcomed their first baby, there are so many ways in which you can help out.  Don’t be scared to help! And if you don’t want to show up empty-handed, here is a list of 18 gift ideas that are just for mom!

Moms need to know that they're not forgotten. Here are 18 gift ideas for making mama feel special!

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After the baby shower and the in laws and the sweet church ladies have provided the new baby with everything he could possibly need, it’s nice to surprise mom with a gift of her own to let her know she’s not forgotten.

Motherhood can be very lonely and a little show of love from a friend can really go a long way.

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52 Gift Ideas for Kids

My kids have hit the age where they are regularly getting invited to birthday parties.  And birthday parties mean gifts.  But these days, it feels as if kids have way too much stuff in general.  I don’t feel right about adding to the pile of stuff that another parent has to deal with.  So I got to brainstorming and I came up with 52 gift ideas for kids that aren’t just toys.  These are gifts of experiences or education or creativity.  And I’m totally gonna use some of these ideas for my own kids too.  No more rushing to the store to purchase whatever toy I can find.  It’s time for thoughtful gifts with imagination and purpose.

Non-toy gift ideas to foster creativity, education and adventure all while making wonderful memories

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I’ve included loads of links for inspiration and even DIY instructions!  Most of these ideas are for kids 10 and under.  Not every idea will be appropriate for every age, but I think there’s several viable options for everyone!

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