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Creating a Cozy Home & What the Heck is Hygge?

Follow along as I learn the principles of Hygge and how to use them to create the cozy home of my dreams!

If you spend any amount of time surfing aimlessly across the internet these days then I’m sure (like a solid 87% sure) that you’ve come across the term Hygge. I see it everywhere, and it sounds pretty trendy which is probably why I have no idea what it is. But, I’m on a mission to find out in my pursuit of creating a cozy home.

Join me on my journey of creating a cozy home and a soft place to land for my family. Also, I try to decipher what Hygge is and how I can apply it's principles to my lifestyle. Designing a comfortable and peace filled home is made a little easier by following a Hygge lifestyle.

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My big dream project for 2018 is what I like to call “The Cozy Home Project”.

In an effort to bloom where I am planted, I want to make the absolute best of what I’ve got and turn my house into a super cozy and peaceful place for my family.

Enter Hygge and why it might be the missing element in my project. Hygge is a Danish style of living and it is defined as “a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment”. Well that sounds alright, eh?!

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5 Tips for Moms Tackling DIY Home Projects

Here are 5 tips for Moms tackling DIY home projects to help ensure DIY success!

If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest zooming down that endless scroll feature, you’re bound to see some pretty pretty pictures of DIY home projects and think to yourself “I can do that!”. I hear ya you crafty lady you. And you CAN do it! But in order for your project to not end up on a ‘Pinterest Fail’ list, how about checking out these 5 helpful tips for DIY home projects first? 🙂

Are you a mama who loves to try diy home projects? Follow these 5 simple tips to help make your project a success!

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Whether you are reupholstering a chair, painting your kid’s bedroom, or putting together a new wardrobe, it’s important to be prepared. There are bound to be a few hurdles along the way, but you should probably at least try to avoid the hurdles so you aren’t pulling your hair out by the end of the project. 

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19 Must-Have Succulent Home Goods

Succulent Hoop Art by The Yellow Birdhouse. Made with Wool Felt, Cotton Fabrics and Bamboo Embroidery Hoops

The hardy little succulent is a fantastic decor piece for those of us who are not horticulturally inclined. *cough* me *cough* I’m a totally hopeless gardener but I love the idea of having some greenery around the house. Thankfully the live succulent can usually survive even my harsh care plus there are a number of faux succulent home goods that can add that pop of life I’m looking for in my home. Here are some of my favourite finds!

Succulents are a lovely and easy way to add some very low maintenance greenery to your home decor. These 19 succulent home goods are a great place to start!

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Almost all of these items are under $30 and many are under $15! I particularly love the embroidered pillow and the happy planters. Any of these would be a fantastic house warming or hostess gift too. You just can’t go wrong with the trusty succulent!

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When Should You Hire a Pro for Your Home Reno Projects?

always check with a professional before starting any major construction

I love a good DIY home project. Well, actually, I don’t know if I love it but between my husband and I we are at least capable of accomplishing it! My mister worked in carpentry before going back to school so he’s got a decent amount of skills when it comes to home reno projects. And I’m not afraid to pick up a hammer. We’ve flipped one house already and are currently making improvements on this house. That being said, with all our home reno experience, we know what our limitations are and when it is necessary to hire a pro. Read on to learn from our mistakes!

 There are lots of things you can DIY in your home and lots of things you can't. Don't bite off more than you can chew and instead plan to hire a professional with these 4 big home reno projects.

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Legos and Trains are No Match for the Libman Dust Mop

Is the mess in your kiddo's room getting out of control? Is it impossible to clean the floors due to the massive quantities of blocks, legos, train tracks or tiny dolls? The incredible Libman dust mop will totally solve that problem for you!


Lego. It has taken over my house in a big way in the last couple of months. Our general rule for containing the mess is that no lego or duplo or train tracks are allowed on the main floor, they must remain upstairs in the boys’ rooms. I opt not to stress out about the mess if it’s out of sight. Which is all well and good until it’s time to vacuum the bedrooms. Which is essentially impossible considering all the tiny pieces of lego. So it’s a good thing I discovered the Libman dust mop!

Is the mess in your kiddo's room getting out of control? Is it impossible to clean the floors due to the massive quantities of blocks, legos, train tracks or tiny dolls? The incredible Libman dust mop will totally solve that problem for you!

Trying to tidy up all the vehicles, blocks and building supplies before I can clean the floors would easily add an hour to the chore. I’m a very busy mama and I don’t have an extra hour to spare for cleaning. Not to mention the fact that every single lego construction is precious and must not be disturbed or altered in any way for fear of my children never speaking to me again. Ugh.

Vacuuming their rooms is nearly impossible since there are tiny little pieces of lego hidden in every corner and crevice and woe to me should I accidentally suck one up.

Sweeping is pretty much pointless since it just stirs up the dust and settles it elsewhere. Plus there’s not enough floor space to actually sweep up a pile and use a dust pan.

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