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16 Kid-Friendly Last Minute Lunch Ideas

last minute lunch ideas for kids

Coming up with kid-friendly lunch ideas has got to be one of my most dreaded tasks. I tend to count on having leftovers, but sometimes the fridge is bare. And I worry that I’m giving my kids too much bread because that’s the go-to when we’re scrambling for ideas. But I’ve been testing out some new ideas and I’ve come across a few winners for last minute lunch ideas!

Do you often struggle coming up with lunch ideas that will suit your busy day and your child's tastes? Me too. Here is a list of kid-friendly lunch ideas that are healthful and quick to make. When lunch time hits we are often cranky and need some quick nutrition. These last minute lunch ideas will satisfy and fuel the rest of your day!

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I’ve found that what works great for my 3yo is to put a big selection of finger foods on a segmented plate and he picks away at it. Usually he eats it all. So I’ll give him a ‘main’ like a banana wrap or pizza wheel, then supplement with a handful of grape tomatoes or berries and a string cheese.

Segmented Elephant Plate perfect for kid's meals!


Plates like these are great because that way none of the foods touch each other. Toddler moms will understand. 😛

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Why You Need Mom Friends & How to Find Them

Being a mom of young children can be a lonely experience. Here is why you need other mom friends to help you during those early years.

Becoming a mom is incredible, emotional, totally amazing and potentially very lonely.  I’m highly introverted, and I don’t thrive in big social situations.  So I never anticipated how very lonely I could feel from days at home with a little baby.  I discovered the hard way that it is vital to have mom friends. Sharing the experiences of motherhood with someone who knows (almost) exactly how you feel is crucial to surviving the early years with little ones.

Motherhood can be very lonely, you need mom friends fighting your corner if you're going to get through the early years. Here are the reasons why having mom friends is so important and how you can pursue those friendships.


Why You Need Mom Friends

> You need someone with similarly aged children to bring your parenting questions to. Grandmas and Google are great, but some of their advice is out dated or incorrect. You need solid advice from someone you trust who’s children are going through similar experiences or milestones.

> You need someone who can understand and relate to your feelings and experiences. You’re going to need to vent about the hard stuff and celebrate the little (but major) achievements. Non-mom friends are awesome, but they have no idea what you’re going through, no matter how much they want to.

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Why I Love My Penny + Grace Jewellery Subscription

One of my favourite things in the world is getting stuff in the mail. The slow snail mail way, I’m not talking about e-mail. I think one of the reasons I do a lot of my shopping online is because I get such a thrill when I open the mailbox and there’s a parcel waiting for me. Just for me. With my name on it. Even if all I’ve ordered is soap refills! But when I know there’s something pretty in the mailbox that I don’t have to share with anyone, well that’s the highlight of my day right there!

This is the best subscription box out there! I love my Penny + Grace jewellery and I know you will too. Click through to read all the reasons why you need Penny+Grace in your life!

This post contains affiliate links for Penny + Grace. Trust me when I say I wouldn’t be promoting this company unless I believed in it 100%. I’ve been getting my Penny + Grace subscription since July 2016 and I don’t plan to cancel any time soon. So if you click through a link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission on that sale at NO extra cost to you. It’s a win all around.

This is mainly a review post because I just LOVE my subscription so much! And when you love something, you want everyone to know about it. (Just ask my irl friends who hear about P+G constantly! Lol)

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How to Manage Mom Stress

Mamas, I don’t think I need to remind you that running a functional household is stress city. No matter how much we do, it never seems to be enough, whether it’s helping the kids with homework or tackling the bottomless pit of laundry. #Momstress only needs a small amount of encouragement and it will take over faster than a fever through a daycare.

Do you find yourself stressed out with the day to day requirements of being a mom? Here are 5 practical ways that you can reduce your stress as a busy mom!

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Finding healthy ways to manage the stress is the only option if you want to feel more in control of your life and not spend every free moment worrying. Adding new elements to the daily routine doesn’t come easy, especially to moms who are major creatures of habit. (Don’t mess with the nap schedule, amirite?) But, the following changes in behaviour are pretty simple to implement and just might help take some of the stress away.

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Realistic Goal Setting for Busy Moms

Realistic Goal Setting STrategy for Busy Moms

I’m a list person. Always have been. I never leave home without a list and I typically have 3-5 lists on the go at once. I believe in lists and lists believe in me. But sometimes my lists are just plain unreasonable. When I write all of the things on one list, it is overwhelming and I get self-critical when I can’t accomplish it all. (I know, I’m my own worst enemy.) But I recently discovered the beauty of realistic goal setting vs endless list writing and it’s really working out for me! Since it’s the start of a brand new year, I figure now is the ideal time to share my strategy with you!

Do you find yourself totally overwhelmed by your to-do list? Is your overflowing list of tasks even bringing you closer to reaching your goals? This strategy will help you focus on your priorities and give you clarity in the process. Plus grab a free copy of an adorable goal setting worksheet to help keep you on track. Realistic goal setting is crucial to organizing your days and keep you moving toward your dreams!

Everybody Likes to Talks the Talk

I’ve read countless blog posts that advise the importance of setting goals. Setting yearly goals, 90 day goals, health goals, financial goals or career goals.  Whoa. That’s alot of goals.

Now I could set goals till the cows come home, but giving myself a whole year to achieve a huge task is vague and unrealistic. And wayyy too easy to procrastinate doing because hey, I have a whole year to get it done so let’s binge watch The Crown instead!

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