Edible 3 Ingredient Lemon Pie ‘Silly Putty’

Edible Lemon Pie Silly Putty

So it’s possible we’ve become a little obsessed with making cornstarch goop concoctions at my house. Just a little. We’ve tried a number of recipes and my 6yo is always game to get his hands messy! In the spirit of experimenting, we’ve discovered the most delicious edible silly putty you’ll ever try! It’s just 3 ingredients and contains NO borax or liquid starch.

Simple 3-ingredient lemon pie silly putty that is totally edible and smells delicious! Easy clean-up and perfect for little ones who like to get their hands messy!

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Please Note: While this recipe is totally edible, I don’t recommend eating lots of it. Always supervise kiddos while they play with it because I suspect you’d get a tummy ache from eating too much. But it sure smells heavenly!

So I’ve called this stuff ‘silly putty’ but it could be categorized as slime, goop, oobleck or just about any other name. The main thing is that it’s super fun to play with and it tastes like lemon pie.

How to Make Edible Silly Putty

You will need:

Lemon Pie Filling Mix
Measuring Cup
Silicon Play Mat

Lemon Pie Silly Putty Recipe

  1. Mix one package of lemon pie mix with 1/2 cup warm water. Whisk till smooth.
  2. Add 1 cup of cornstarch and mix it up good.

You will likely have to adjust the amount of cornstarch slightly depending on the humidity levels and your preference. If you accidentally add too much cornstarch you can balance it out with a few drops of water.

Simple 3-ingredient silly putty

This ‘slime’ is super fun because it turns into a solid when you squeeze it or apply pressure, but goes all liquid-y when you release it.

Edible Lemon Pie Silly Putty

This stuff is really easy to clean up too, just a bit of warm water will wash it right away. Even so, we always use a silicon play mat to keep surfaces somewhat tidy. Plus the silicon keeps the bowl from moving around thus avoiding frustration with the little ones.  We happened to get our play mat in a Koala Crate subscription box, but I found something similar here.

3-ingredient edible lemon pie slime

I love that this turns out a pretty shade of yellow so you won’t have to add any food colouring. I find the food colouring can dye their hands a little.

Edible Lemon Pie Slime Recipe

Ideally this edible silly putty will provide hours of entertainment for your little ones!


Edible Slime Recipe DIY

What’s your favourite ‘slime’ recipe?





  1. I definitely want to try this! My tween daughter is OBSESSED with slime. This recipe gives me a little more peace of mind if my toddler is joining in the fun.

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