Why I Love My Penny + Grace Jewellery Subscription

One of my favourite things in the world is getting stuff in the mail. The slow snail mail way, I’m not talking about e-mail. I think one of the reasons I do a lot of my shopping online is because I get such a thrill when I open the mailbox and there’s a parcel waiting for me. Just for me. With my name on it. Even if all I’ve ordered is soap refills! But when I know there’s something pretty in the mailbox that I don’t have to share with anyone, well that’s the highlight of my day right there!

This is the best subscription box out there! I love my Penny + Grace jewellery and I know you will too. Click through to read all the reasons why you need Penny+Grace in your life!

This post contains affiliate links for Penny + Grace. Trust me when I say I wouldn’t be promoting this company unless I believed in it 100%. I’ve been getting my Penny + Grace subscription since July 2016 and I don’t plan to cancel any time soon. So if you click through a link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission on that sale at NO extra cost to you. It’s a win all around.

This is mainly a review post because I just LOVE my subscription so much! And when you love something, you want everyone to know about it. (Just ask my irl friends who hear about P+G constantly! Lol)

What is Penny + Grace?

Penny + Grace is a monthly jewellery subscription service. Every month you get three coordinating pieces of jewellery, plus a bonus enamel pin. The pieces are delicate and feminine with a touch of whimsy thrown in.

They typically suit the season (snowflake earrings in December, etc) and come in three classic finishes, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. Rose gold is my fave. 🙂

You can choose which finishes you’d like to receive, and you can opt out of earrings if you don’t have pierced ears. You can also simply purchase individual pieces on their website without signing up for the monthly subscription.

A Penny + Grace rose gold jewellery set. Receive a totally affordable jewellery subscription box every month containing the sweetest delicate pieces!

#1 Reason Why I Love Penny + Grace

I’m gonna be straight up honest. The price is right. I’ve been tempted by so many other subscriptions that sounded like such a great deal but once the shipping and exchange rate was added, they become unaffordable and hugely disappointing.

Penny+Grace subscriptions are $19.99 usd/month and the shipping is FREE TO CANADA! (and the US too) Do you know how rare it is to score free shipping to Canada?! It’s practically impossible. Take it from an avid online shopper.

So I always feel like I’m getting my money’s worth from this subscription.


Why P+G is Perfect For Moms Like Me

Moms are notorious for neglecting themselves. We put our children, husbands and homes ahead of ourselves. We often go without so that our kids can have more.

My Penny+Grace subscription is how I treat myself. I allow myself something pretty and a little frivolous and I don’t feel bad about it one bit. I work hard and I deserve something nice once in a while that helps me feel good about myself.

And it’s so easy to set it and forget it. If you’re really bogged down in the trenches of #momlife and your memory ain’t what it used to be, then getting that shiny envelope in the mail might even come as a surprise every month! 😀


Classy Mama

Wearing the delicate pieces makes me feel like a lady, even when I’m just rocking the yoga pants and messy bun look. (Which let’s face it, is every day.) And I get lots of compliments too, the watermelon earrings are a real crowd pleaser!

Plus I’m totally coordinated with minimal effort. Which is key for a tired mom who has very little time or energy to spend considering her outfits and accessories.

Penny + Grace earring sets. Receive a totally affordable jewellery subscription box every month containing the sweetest delicate pieces!


These sweet jewellery pieces are totally giftable too! They come all wrapped up individually in cellophane envelopes and little drawstring bags, so you can easily give them away as gifts without having to disturb the packaging.

Although I have yet to receive any pieces that weren’t to my taste, that is always a risk when you sign up for a monthly subscription. But I find that the surprise is half the fun!

Should you receive pieces that aren’t your fave, you can just pass them along to someone else!

Penny + Grace is an amazing monthly jewellery subscription. Receive 3 coordinated feminine pieces in classic finishes for affordable pricing!

What do you think? Is a Penny + Grace subscription something you think you could try?





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