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The ONE thing I use that keeps my kids calm in the car


Are you looking for an EASY way to maintain peace between your children while in the car? Try my trick!

Picture this: You’ve been working hard all day, you’re hungry and it’s time to pick up the kids.  You’ve got 2+ kids in the car, everyone is irritable and tired and one of them dares to inch his little finger across the imaginary line of division between their carseats.  The screaming begins.  The older one grabs the little one’s blankie and tosses it on the (filthy) car floor.  Little one starts bawling.  Older one won’t apologize or cooperate.  You’ve got your arm painfully twisted behind your seat grasping desperately for a blankie you can’t reach while tossing goldfish crackers at the both of them in an attempt to quiet the hollering.  Also you’re trying to navigate rush hour traffic and there’s no way you can pull over and count to 10.  You start losing your (fragile) cool.  Does this sound familiar?

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