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Edible 3 Ingredient Lemon Pie ‘Silly Putty’

Edible Lemon Pie Silly Putty

So it’s possible we’ve become a little obsessed with making cornstarch goop concoctions at my house. Just a little. We’ve tried a number of recipes and my 6yo is always game to get his hands messy! In the spirit of experimenting, we’ve discovered the most delicious edible silly putty you’ll ever try! It’s just 3 ingredients and contains NO borax or liquid starch.

Simple 3-ingredient lemon pie silly putty that is totally edible and smells delicious! Easy clean-up and perfect for little ones who like to get their hands messy!

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Please Note: While this recipe is totally edible, I don’t recommend eating lots of it. Always supervise kiddos while they play with it because I suspect you’d get a tummy ache from eating too much. But it sure smells heavenly!

So I’ve called this stuff ‘silly putty’ but it could be categorized as slime, goop, oobleck or just about any other name. The main thing is that it’s super fun to play with and it tastes like lemon pie.

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11 Incredible Edible Play Dough, Silly Putty & Slime Recipes

Edible Marshmallow Play Dough

When my 5yo starts to get a little wild and restless, I mix up a batch of cornstarch, water and food colouring and he’ll be happy and quiet for at least an hour! I remember playing with the same concoction as a kid, we sat on a big plastic sheet and made a huge mess with it!

So I started trying to find new goop recipes we could try just to mix it up a little. (see what I did there? mix it up? haha) What I’ve found is that there a ton of ideas for non-toxic & edible play dough, slime, goop or whatever you want to call it.

Here are my top 11 choices.

A roundup of 11 recipes for taste-safe & edible play dough, clay, silly putty and slime. Play dough recipes using kitchen staples as ingredients. Never worry about your little ones putting these in their mouths!

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The following recipes could be categorized as slime, goop, silly putty, clay or play dough. They vary in consistency but the main point is that they are fun to make and will entertain your kiddos on a rainy day.

Even though the recipes are taste-safe, always supervise when kids are playing with them.

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