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Meal Planning on a Budget – Simplifying Dinnertime Series: Part 1

Find out how to simplify your meal planning and grocery shopping!

When I took a critical look at my day-to-day with the kids, I determined that the dinnertime hour is the most difficult part of our day.  No question. Everyone is tired, hungry and irritable. The kids are extra needy while I’m desperately trying to produce a healthy (ish) meal.  They start crying because I won’t give them a snack and my husband comes home to find total chaos. Does any of this sound familiar? So I’m on a mission to simplify dinnertime and calm the chaos. And it starts with carefully prepared grocery lists and meal plans!

Do you struggle with managing a chaotic dinnertime hour? Start simplifying this part of your day by meal planning on budget!


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A HUGE stress point for me is figuring out what I’m going to make for dinner. It’s way more stressful than actually cooking dinner. I go from slightly frustrated to full on resentful that I have to come up with a dinner plan every single night for the rest of my life. UGH. (Not my proudest moments.)

Dinnertime goes so much better when there is a plan made ahead of time. And since we’re still paying off student loans, I gotta do the meal planning on a budget.

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