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52 Gift Ideas for Kids

My kids have hit the age where they are regularly getting invited to birthday parties.  And birthday parties mean gifts.  But these days, it feels as if kids have way too much stuff in general.  I don’t feel right about adding to the pile of stuff that another parent has to deal with.  So I got to brainstorming and I came up with 52 gift ideas for kids that aren’t just toys.  These are gifts of experiences or education or creativity.  And I’m totally gonna use some of these ideas for my own kids too.  No more rushing to the store to purchase whatever toy I can find.  It’s time for thoughtful gifts with imagination and purpose.

52 Non-toy gift ideas for kids to foster creativity, education and adventure all while making wonderful memories! For their next birthday don't just grab them a toy, plan ahead a little and get them something they'll adore and remember for years to come!

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I’ve included loads of links for inspiration and even DIY instructions!  Most of these ideas are for kids 10 and under.  Not every idea will be appropriate for every age, but I think there are several viable options for everyone!

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