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Why You Need Mom Friends & How to Find Them

Being a mom of young children can be a lonely experience. Here is why you need other mom friends to help you during those early years.

Becoming a mom is incredible, emotional, totally amazing and potentially very lonely.  I’m highly introverted, and I don’t thrive in big social situations.  So I never anticipated how very lonely I could feel from days at home with a little baby.  I discovered the hard way that it is vital to have mom friends. Sharing the experiences of motherhood with someone who knows (almost) exactly how you feel is crucial to surviving the early years with little ones.

Motherhood can be very lonely, you need mom friends fighting your corner if you're going to get through the early years. Here are the reasons why having mom friends is so important and how you can pursue those friendships.


Why You Need Mom Friends

> You need someone with similarly aged children to bring your parenting questions to. Grandmas and Google are great, but some of their advice is out dated or incorrect. You need solid advice from someone you trust who’s children are going through similar experiences or milestones.

> You need someone who can understand and relate to your feelings and experiences. You’re going to need to vent about the hard stuff and celebrate the little (but major) achievements. Non-mom friends are awesome, but they have no idea what you’re going through, no matter how much they want to.

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