When Should You Hire a Pro for Your Home Reno Projects?

always check with a professional before starting any major construction

I love a good DIY home project. Well, actually, I don’t know if I love it but between my husband and I we are at least capable of accomplishing it! My mister worked in carpentry before going back to school so he’s got a decent amount of skills when it comes to home reno projects. And I’m not afraid to pick up a hammer. We’ve flipped one house already and are currently making improvements on this house. That being said, with all our home reno experience, we know what our limitations are and when it is necessary to hire a pro. Read on to learn from our mistakes!

 There are lots of things you can DIY in your home and lots of things you can't. Don't bite off more than you can chew and instead plan to hire a professional with these 4 big home reno projects.

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Security Systems

Home surveillance is one area where technology can take your house to the next level (ha!). While some modern cameras can be easily handled and installed, other aspects of the system should be left to the pros. From installing alarms to erecting automated gates, the tech can get complicated and there’s only so much a youtube video can teach you. There’s no point in having those fancy features if they don’t work properly! You’ll save yourself time and frustration by getting someone else to do it.


Adding An Extension

Given that the majority of homeowners wish they could afford bigger properties, it’s no wonder so many look at the idea of building an extension. But, proceed with caution.  In reality it is one of the hardest jobs that you could ever take on.

You will likely need building permits and there might be limitations as to what you are allowed to add to the existing property. You will need lots of tools and equipment that you may not already have. You’ll have to ensure the extension is structurally sound. It’s a whole lotta stress!  Plus the DIY option could invalidate your house insurance. So tread carefully!

always check with a professional before starting any major construction



This is where you definitely need to hire a professional. Plumbing problems are no joke and can be very costly and damaging if they aren’t taken care of properly.  Take it from me, we’ve had our fair share of plumbing related anxiety!

If it’s fixing a broken plug or clearing the kitchen sink piping, you may be capable of taking the DIY route. But if there is any threat of water and sewage causing disruption or damage to the property, calling a plumber is key.


Windows & Roofing

One of the first things a home-buyer looks at is the roof and windows. Those are big ticket items and it pays to have them done properly. Having a leak in your home is serious business (I legit still have nightmares about the leaky roof at our old house) and drafty windows will cost you in your heating bill.

Speaking to experts allows you to check out the various options and finishes available. For the sake of the home’s appearance and insulation value, it’s way better to be safe than sorry.


Do you have home reno experience? What would you have done differently?



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